dreifach deuteriertes Glycin-D3


formula weight 78.086
purity 99.7%
Deuterierungsgrad zwischen 96,5 und 98 %
degree of H substitution against D on acidic C between 96.5 und 98 %
cristalline white powder, particle size approx. 500

packed in 1 kg lots

Glycine-D3 may be used as starter material for the synthesis of Triglycine sulfate monocrystals
customer synthesis on demand; 4 weeks lead time
Triglycine sulfate crystals possess extraordinary piezo and pyroelectric properties
Triglycine sulfate - monocrystals in very high purity show an extremely high temperature sensitivity (detect temperature differences in the milli Celsius range on distances in kilometers ! ) since the curie-point is very low near by 49,3 points. This makes the material suitable for use in night-vision and infrared detection (military application etc.). In case of use in night vision, very high color picture resolution is obtained ! (Not only green gradation as in conventional devices)