Dinitolmide = 3,5-Dinitrotoluolamid
3,5-Dinitro toluene amide

Name of Commodity: Zoalene
Formula: C8H7N3O5
formula weight =225.1

Quality Standard In conformity with BPV1993 and CDSV1992
Appearance an off-white or light tan powder
Purity 98.0% to 101.0%
Chloride =0.010%
Melting point 177-181 C
Loss on drying < 0.5%

Characters: an off-white or light tan powder. It is odorless but has a bitter taste. Soluble in acetone; slightly soluble in chloroform, ethanol and ether; insoluble in water.
Application: anticoccidial drug, prevent and cure coccidiosis of chicken
bei parasitärer Erkrankung des Darms; eine der häufigsten Krankheiten in Geflügelbetrieben

order for minimum 1-2 mts per lot
Usual Packing:Net weight 20kg per paper drum; Gross weight 23.2kg per paper drum (Measurements : 40/43cm)
Storage:Sealed up for storage, avoiding exposure to light.